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President Biden Falls off of his Bicycle


President Biden hopped out of church Saturday evening to prove he wasn’t injured after falling over on his bike during a ride near his Rehoboth Beach home earlier in the morning. More from reporter Bernie Bennett.

Mr. Biden is in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with his wife, Jill, to mark their 45th wedding anniversary and to celebrate Juneteenth weekend and Father’s Day.

The president exited St. Edmond in downtown Rehoboth after attending mass, with reporters yelling questions at him asking how he was doing.

Biden didn’t yell back, instead taking three hops forward and making jump-rope motions with his hands, before waving to a crowd that had gathered outside and getting in his black SUV.

Earlier he had told press, ‘I’m good,’ after falling over and taking his bike with him.

Biden told reporters that he had trouble removing his shoes from the bikes’ pedals, causing the fall around 9:30am.

Bernie Bennett reporting.

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