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Bernie Bennett

Reporting from Capitol Hill, Bernie Bennett has updates on what’s going on in the House.


Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 12:13 am


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House Democrats on Thursday took the extraordinary step of voting to strip committee assignments from a member of the opposite party. Correspondent Bernie Bennett has the details.

TAG: Democrats argued that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had forfeited her right to those committee seats by endorsing conspiracy theories, racist dogma and violence against Democratic politicians. Republicans claimed that Democrats were applying a double standard, citing offensive remarks or actions by current members, some of whom are now chairing prestigious committees.



Lawmakers passed the resolutionlargely along party lines – 230-199 – to remove Greene from the HouseEducation and Budget committees after Republicans declined to act against herthemselves. Eleven Republicans voted in favor of removal. Republicans further warned that Democrats were setting a dangerous precedent with the majority party taking unilateral action to dictate the minority’s committee roster. Hours before the vote, Greene delivered aspeech on the House floor where she defended her foray into the world of online conspiracy theories but insisted she had more recently recognized the falsitiesand dangers of those narratives.
Bernie Bennett in Washington.

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Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 12:10 am


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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greeneaddresses her removal from two House Committees, the media, and Democratic politicsin Capitol Hill news conference. Correspondent Bernie Bennett has this story.


The Georgia Congresswoman addressed reporters gathered outside the Capitol where she spoke of the Democrat leadership’s desire to hold on to power in the House.
CLING TO POWER-greene-a-FRIam (:06) “is addictive.”
Greene described herself as a mother andbusinesswoman who was misjudged by house Democrats and 11 Republicans when theystripped her of her committee assignments.
MY DISTRICT-greene-a-FRIam (:04) “their voice”
Greene says she now has time and moneydonated by supporters to continue the efforts begun by President Trump onbehalf of the American People. Bernie Bennett in Washington

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Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 12:09 am


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A group of Republicans is calling forSpeaker Nancy Pelosi to be fined after they say she failed to abide by newlyimplemented rules requiring members to go through metal detectors beforeentering the House chamber. More on this from reporter Bernie Bennett.




Republicans on the House Administration Committee sent a letter to Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett on Friday requesting the fine, arguing Pelosi should have to abide by the new rule that she pushed to implement.

The Republicans wrote, “Yesterday, at approximately 9:59 am, multiple members observed the Speaker of the House entering the House Chamber without completing security screening.”

House Democrats voted this week to imposea $5,000 fine for first offenses and $10,000 for the second for members who fail to comply with the new screenings. Two Republicans were issued fines on Friday.

Bernie Bennett in Washington.

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Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 12:07 am


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New York Republican Claudia Tenney will be certified as the winner in the race to represent the state’s 22nd Congressional District, according to a ruling from the state Supreme Court on Friday.  Correspondent Bernie Bennett has the story.



The decision by State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte ordering counties and the state elections board to certify her victory ends a three-month legal battle with another House flip for Republicans, whittling the Democratic majority to 221-212. Tenney will unseat first-term Democrat Rep. Anthony Brindisi.

The ruling Friday underscored the success Republicans had at the House level in the 2020 cycle. While observers had predicted the GOP to lose as many as 15 members, the GOP ultimately flipped more than a dozen seats. Republicans rejoiced over the victory.

Bernie Bennett reporting.

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Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 12:04 am


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The House [on Friday] approved the Senate-amended budget resolution, setting in place the process to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan without the need for GOP support. Bernie Bennett has this story.



The process called reconciliation can pass the Senate with a simple majority, bypassing a possible GOP filibuster. The resolution includes instructions for Congress’s authorizing committees to write legislation that will affect federal finances. Those instructions followed the contoursof President Biden’s proposal, which includes $1,400 stimulus checks, extendedemergency unemployment benefits, funds for vaccine distribution &coronavirus testing, aid to state and local governments & increases tochild tax credits & earned income tax credits, among other things.

Bernie Bennett in Washington.

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The House [on Friday] approved the Senate-amended budget resolution, setting in place the process to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan without the need for GOP support. More from Correspondent Bernie Bennett.

VERBATIM: The House initially passed its budget resolution on Wednesday, but the Senate amended the resolution shortly after starting what’s expected to be an hours-long process known as vote-a-rama. The budget resolution is the first step toward passing a coronavirus bill that can bypass the 60-vote legislative filibuster, meaning Democrats could pass it without GOP support. Democrats want to pass the subsequent coronavirus bill by mid-March when federal unemployment benefits will expire. SOC

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Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 11:58 pm


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The Wyoming Republican Party voted overwhelmingly Saturday to censure U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach President Trump on January 13th.

TAG: Congressional Correspondent Bernie Bennett reporting.

Only eight of the 74-member state GOP’s central committee stood to oppose censure in a vote that didn’t proceed to a formal count.

The censure document accused Congresswoman Cheney of voting to impeach even though the U.S. House didn’t offer Mr. Trump “a formal hearing or due process.”

Censure proponents said at the state central committee meeting that by voting to impeach, Cheney opposed the wishes of the 70% of Wyoming voters who chose Former President Trump in the election.

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Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 11:56 pm


entered 8:15pm ET, 2-6-21

( )-q-25-UNDATED (Correspondent Bernie Bernnett) “25 pounds”

Former heavyweight champion Leon Spinks Jr. has died after battling prostate and other cancers. He was 67.

TAG: Correspondent Bernie Bennett reporting.

Spinks died Friday night, according to a release from a public relations firm. His wife, Brenda Glur Spinks, and a few close friends and other family members were by his side when he passed away.

Spinks won gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. But he rose in prominence when he beat Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title in 1978.

Spinks had only seven professional fights under his belt when he got into the ring with Ali. The St. Louis native also was outweighed by Ali by more than 25 pounds.

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Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 11:53 pm


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Twitter on Saturday issued a permanent suspension for the account run by Jim Hoft, founder and editor-in-chief of far-right news website Gateway Pundit, for violations of its “civic integrity policy.” Correspondent Bernie Bennett has more.


The policy includes a series of punishments depending on the frequency of violations, with five or more strikes resulting in a permanent suspension.

According to an archived version of Hoft’s account, his most recent tweets came on Jan. 29, when he shared criticisms of coronavirus restrictions and claims that certain ballots cast for President Biden were illegal.

Twitter on Tuesday officially suspended the MyPillow company Twitter account after founder Mike Lindell used it to make several posts attacking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and promoting claims of election fraud. Lindell’s personal account was suspended.

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Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 11:52 pm


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On Saturday, Tennessee Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty wrote to President Biden urging him to publicly confirm that he will keep the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.
Details on this from Bernie Bennett.


The Senate, in an overnight voting session on Friday, passed a non-binding amendment introduced by Hagerty and Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma by a vote of 97-3 in support of maintaining the embassy in Jerusalem.

The embassy was relocated there during the Trump administration from Tel Aviv after previous presidents had punted on the move.

The first-term senator, who previously served as ambassador to Japan, also urged Biden to build on the Abraham Accords, a series of agreements the Trump administration brokered to normalize relations between a handful of Middle Eastern countries and Israel.

Bernie Bennett in Washington.

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