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“7 Days in Entebbe”: Hijacked by Political Correctness

The new film 7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE distorts history in a shameless effort to make brutal terrorists look sympathetic. In 1976, two German revolutionaries joined Palestinian fanatics to hijack a French airliner, threatening to murder its 258 passengers and crew.

The demands involved release of 52 prisoners, but the movie never explains they’d been jailed for vicious murders or mentions additional demands for $5 million in cash—equivalent of $22 million today.

Glamorous Rosamund Pike plays terrorist Brigitte Kuhlman as sensitive and idealistic, never showing her brutal pistol-whipping of helpless passengers or the Nazi insults she hurled at Jewish victims.

The film also ignores the amazing, on the ground destruction of 30 Ugandan Air Force planes by Israeli commandos—enabling them to fly away with the rescued hostages. Here, epic heroism has been hijacked by moral equivalency and political correctness.

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