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An End to Hollywood’s Religious Blindspot?


The year is still young, but 2016 already looks like a big success in terms of faith-friendly films from Hollywood.

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN features Jennifer Garner in the finest performance of her career in a true story about a mother struggling to maintain her Christian beliefs as her daughter battles a desperate illness. GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 follows up on the surprise hit of two years ago and dramatizes the fight of a public school teacher whose career is threatened when she tries to give a student an honest answer to a question about Jesus. In RISEN, Joseph Fiennes plays a Roman officer in Jerusalem assigned to investigate the disappearance of Christ’s body and THE YOUNG MESSIAH imagines dramatic scenes from the childhood of Jesus.

All of these films are skillfully made and thought-provoking, and each of them has enjoyed significant box office success. A new clarity of vision is replacing Hollywood’s old blind-spot concerning films for religious audiences.

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