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Children, “Very Important”; Marriage? Not So Much…

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A September poll by CBS News and the New York Times revealed troubling contradictions in attitudes toward marriage and children.  Nearly 2,000 adults of all ages were asked: “For you personally, is being married either now or in the future very important, somewhat important, not very important or not at all important?” Surprisingly, a minority of women – just 47%– viewed marriage as very important. A far greater percentage – 74%– said “being a parent either now or in the future” was very important.

In other words, nearly a third of women value children more than the marital bond that provides the best way to raise those children – a sad anomaly reflected in out-of-wedlock birthrates now approaching 50%. The poll suggests that females are giving up on marriage as an institution more notably than their male counterparts; the men in the study actually considered marriage a higher priority than the women.

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