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Democrats about to pay for supporting the failed President Obama

“Landrieu thinks Louisianans are bigots. Orman thinks Dole’s a clown. Braley thinks Iowans are hicks. What next? Coakley attacks Paul Revere?”

With a single tweet, National Review’s Charles C.W. Cook summed up the widespread desperation of Democrats mired in their records of support for President Obama and flailing about for anything to grab on to. Late-in-the-campaign pratfalls by losing candidates are common enough, but the number and variety of them among Democrats this year is unusually high.

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall’s “I’m a little brain dead today” probably takes home the Oscar for Worst Performance by an Incumbent, but there are plenty of nominees.

The other ritual of the last 72 hours — polls truing up their numbers so as to not expose themselves as having been nudging the Democrat ahead — is also playing out. What a surprise: The Bluegrass Poll in Kentucky went from Mitch McConnell with a one point lead in polling that concluded on Oct. 19 to a comfortable 5 point advantage in polling that ended on October 29. Does anyone really think the electorate shifted that much in 10 days?

We have finally reached the end of the longest midterm march ever, the one which began with Obama’s Second Inaugural address that included the astonishing declaration that, “A decade of war is now ending,” and the recognition that he truly did believe he could end a war even if our enemies were still fighting it. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on the border of Turkey and in the suburbs of Baghdad tell us all we need to know about the president who lost a peace by bolting from Iraq even as he prepares to do the same in Afghanistan.

“America will remain the anchor of strong alliances in every corner of the globe,” Obama also declared, which bears little resemblance to the “chickenshit” slander of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that was issued from his senior foreign policy staff this week. “Being true to our founding documents,” which he also pledged on that day, does not include amnesty-by-executive order, but that is expected to come shortly after the results are in Tuesday.

The Nobel Laureate has presided over the dismemberment of Ukraine and the spiraling of Libya into chaos as well as the parade of barbarities from Islamic State-land, and now seems stunned that Ebola has refused to follow his edict that it not come to America.

Democrats across the country, from Sen. Mark Begich in Alaska to Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas are on record as supporting the president on more than 9 out of 10 votes and so they are trapped in three-legged races to Nov. 4, tied to the president, limping along with his shattered promises and his 200 rounds of golf.

Tuesday is the last chance Americans get to vote on Obama, the man given a second chance after a failed first term, but a president who has proven himself competent at nothing except the scorching of Republicans and the burning of straw men.

Americans are tired of him and his eager loyalists. A big knock down is coming and hopefully it will clear the president’s head and remind him that the other branches, and the other party are equal to him and his; and that executive orders, the endlessly divisive rhetoric and continuing stonewalls on the IRS and Benghazi are not going to help his legacy, but merely cement it as the worst president of modern times.

If he wants anything other than that title, he will change, and changing his supporting cast and especially Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., will hopefully push him towards that change. That’s the best we can hope for when it comes to the hope-and-change president.


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