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How to Improve Health, Well-Being and Marriage

Blick in die Kirche

A new analysis from the Harvard School of Public Health reports on a powerful pattern of behavior that produces substantial benefits in terms of increased longevity, enhanced physical and emotional well-being and, especially, greater marital stability.

Confirming many other previous studies, Professor Tyler J. VanderWeele shows that those who attend religious services regularly suffer much lower rates of early mortality, depression and divorce, reporting higher levels of marital and personal satisfaction. Dr. VanderWeele doesn’t speculate about the supernatural efficacy of prayer, but his research does cite the communal support provided by religious institutions, and the impact of faith-based teachings in encouraging us to value the welfare of others.

In the holiday season when even the unchurched like to show up for services, the Harvard study shows that public worship can bring benefits during the rest of the year as well.

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