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“It’s a Wonderful Trump” Spoof Raises a Serious Question

Saturday Night Live offered a pre-Christmas spoof called “It’s a Wonderful Trump,” in which their presidential impersonator gets a glimpse of how life would be different if he’d lost the election.

The skit proved only intermittently entertaining, but it suggests a response to those who blame Trump alone for our angry antagonisms.

Imagine that Hillary won: would America be a model of harmony and civility? We’d still disagree bitterly on immigration, taxes, trade, race relations and foreign policy.

In fact, President Hillary might have gotten her own special prosecutor, just as Reagan, her husband and Trump did. With Congressional Republicans pushing hard to probe Uranium One, e-mails, and the Clinton Foundation, Robert Mueller might have been tapped to lead a very different investigation.

Sure, President Trump could do more to bring the country together. But you can’t explain our present polarization as the work of a single individual.

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