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Lessons from Israel’s Confusing Election

Yesh Atid leader Lapid and his wife Lihi walk past Likud election campaign posters as they walk to a polling station in Tel Aviv

The Israeli elections look confusing to most Americans, but conservatives should learn important lessons from their results.

One of the big questions involves the real chance that the Left-Center coalition challenging Prime Minister Netanyahu could come out a winner, even though all polls show the electorate leaning to the right and a clear plurality favoring Bibi’s continuance as prime minister. How could this be? Very simply, the Left-Center did a much better job of unifying its interests and subordinating ego and ambitions to the good of a movement. Netanyahu’s problem is important leaders who served in his cabinet and mostly share his ideology, but sought votes on their own, badly dividing Israel’s Right-Center majority.

In 2016 and beyond, conservatives in the US must remember that what we hold in common is far more important than any issues that divide us.

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