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Sitting Out the Election: A Disastrous Mistake

United States Capitol Rotunda. Senate and Representatives government home in Washington D.C.

Faced with a choice between two presidential candidates with high disapproval ratings, conservatives must resist the temptation to sit home and sulk in this election.

Low GOP turnout could bring disastrous consequences for worthy Republican candidates struggling to maintain majorities in the Senate and House. The loss of just four Republican Senate seats of 24 up for grabs, could hand control to the Democrats.

In the House, the Republicans would lose their majority if Democrats flip just 12 percent of the 247 seats the GOP is defending. Regardless of the presidential outcome, maintaining conservative power in Congress will be crucial for the nation’s future—especially if Hillary is elected president and attempts to enact radical aspects of her agenda like tax increases and federally-funded abortion.

What’s more, your one vote is even more likely to make a difference in close races with the smaller electorates in House, Senate and local contests.

Don’t sit this election out.

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Steve Breen
Sun, Nov 22, 2020