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Striking a Blow for Decency

Carping criticism of the Trump administration’s capable handling of the targeted, allied air strikes against the Syrian dictator follows a long, sad tradition in debates on US foreign policy.
The Nazis were profoundly evil in World War II, while Britain was noble in opposing them, but many Americans wanted our country to take no side in the struggle. A few years later, the Soviet Union was indeed an “Evil Empire”, while NATO nations represented the best of Civilization, but leftist skeptics claimed a “moral equivalence” between the two sides in the Cold War.
Today, the three allies who collaborated on the Syria strike – America, Britain and France – are among the most decent nations on earth, while Syria, Iran and Russia are among the most vile, destructive regimes. Americans should feel proud that our magnificent military has, once again, served honorably on the side of decency.

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Tue, Jun 11, 2019