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The ‘Obama touch’ could doom Democratic candidates

With President Obama‘s decision to hold back on “using his pen” and granting at least temporary legal status from millions of Latinos living illegally in the United States, the famed “Obama touch” may now have extended all its benefits to the Democratic Party that had previously been reserved for Israel, Ukraine, Iraq, and Libya. The center-right base is already more energized by far as November approaches and now the president has — for at least the third time — failed to deliver for a core constituency a benefit within his power to deliver. Thus did his political advisors again serve him poorly.

Here is the electoral scorecard as the sprint to the finish begins. Sixteen federal and state races matter in the United States more than any others at this point because they are the most competitive, and it is hard to see how the president’s most recent decision helps most of the Democrats in most of the races.

There are ten Republicans striving for key seats in the United States Senate. (The GOP is already nearly guaranteed pick-ups in Montana, South Dakota, and West Virginia.). Not one of these ten candidates is hurt by Obama’s decision to postpone the immigration order he is contemplating, and at least Rep. Cory Gardner is greatly helped by the betrayal the pro-amnesty left feels today in Colorado. In addition to Gardner, the remaining key GOP Senate candidates are:

• Dan Sullivan in Alaska

• Rep. Tom Cotton in Arkansas

• Joni Ernst in Iowa

• Rep. Bill Cassidy in Louisiana

• Terri Lynn Land in Michigan

• Mike McFadden in Minnesota

• Scott Brown in New Hampshire

• Thom Tillis in North Carolina

• Ed Gillespie in Virginia

Six statehouse races need closing help from the conservative grassroots. Five are presently red and Democrats want to turn at least one of them blue for talking points purposes heading into 2016, and the blue one — in Colorado — is a keystone statehouse, crucial to taking back the White House. The Republican candidates are:

• Gov. Sam Brownback in Kansas

• Gov. John Kasich in Ohio

• Gov. Rick Scott in Florida

• Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin

• Bob Beauprez in Colorado

• Doug Ducey in Arizona

Again, hard to see how the GOP base in any of these states would be any further energized by a presidential diktat on immigration on behalf of the their man, but it is very easy to see how Latino activists within the Democratic parties of Arizona, Colorado, and Florida especially are laying down their hand held devices and closing their small donor accounts.

Latino voters are now beginning to figure out that, like American allies abroad, to be a friend of Obama is to invite — indeed, to ask for — betrayal. The consequences of the president’s callous cast-off of his base voters in November will be profound. If Latinos vote for Democrats as though nothing happened with the president’s double cross, they’ll be double crossed again.

The president ought never to have raised expectations of an anti-Constitutional decree. Having done so and then filched, well, that is the Obama foreign policy come home — to the Democrats.


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