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The Overhyped “Dangerous Divisions”

Following the horrible events in Charlottesville, Virginia, the public seems deeply alarmed at the dangerous divisions in the country. But what are the substantive issues that actually divide the country?

When it comes to hate festivals staged by neo-Nazis and the KKK, there’s virtually no disagreement: nearly every American, left or right, and certainly including President Trump, strongly condemns the racist extremism of such fringe groups. But all sides also agree they have a right to rally if they avoid encouraging or practicing violence.

Meanwhile, overwhelming majorities of Americans support more economic growth, tax reform that lowers rates, better border security, health care reform that maximizes choice and slows the rise in premiums, a stronger military and a cautious foreign policy.

While the media love to dramatize bitter feuds over the president’s personality, on more substantive questions of policy, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and leftists, are hardly as polarized as the most hysterical voices in the media love to suggest.

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