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Trump Deserves Credit for the Strong Economy

Why do public opinion surveys show discontent with President Trump’s handling of the economy at a time of record highs in the stock market and record lows in unemployment? The new Gallup Poll gives Trump his highest ratings on the economy, but still shows a clear majority of voters disapproving of his economic record despite the steady growth in the 10 months of his presidency.

This reflects a liberal tendency to put ideology above practical results, but it also reflects continued discomfort with aspects of Donald Trump’s polarizing public personality. The President should avoid public feuds and distracting Twitter storms while focusing on the jobs and growth agenda that got him elected in the first place. Meanwhile, his GOP colleagues in Congress must pass tax reform to keep the economy booming while giving the administration the credit it deserves for sweeping deregulation, and pro-business policies on taxes and energy that are producing real results for the American people.

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Gary Varvel
Tue, May 4, 2021