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Undeniably Different, After All

Recent charges of sexual harassment have tarnished or destroyed powerful figures in entertainment, journalism and the military. Alleged perpetrators are conservative and leftist, repentant and defiant, but nearly all have one thing in common: they are all male.

Despite politically correct insistence that men and women are indistinguishable, the current crisis highlights profound differences between males and females. Not only are women far less likely to perpetrate the disgusting assaults imputed to Harvey Weinstein, but responses from victims and the public wouldn’t be comparable even if they did.

Imagine some high-ranking female CEO making lurid or flirtatious remarks towards a younger man who worked for her. Of course, it would deserve condemnation, but even multiple examples of such behavior might not wreck a powerful woman’s career. Female victims need more protection in the workplace not because they’re less powerful, but because they’re women. Males generally display greater tendencies toward aggression, and don’t face comparable vulnerability to reckless predators.

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