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Voters Can Say “No” to Rail Boondoggles and Taxpayer Rip-Offs

Voters in California and Washington will decide this November whether it makes sense to sharply raise gas taxes while government squanders billions on unneeded rail lines.

In California, voters should support an initiative to overturn the liberal legislature’s latest tax increase and in Washington they can block a punishing new “carbon tax” that would raise rates every year, far into the future.

Unfortunately, California is already committed to a useless, hundred-billion-dollar “bullet train” initially set to connect Fresno and San Francisco in a trip of three hours – the time same it takes to drive that distance, at a fraction of the cost! Meanwhile, Seattle’s struggling light rail cost $300,000 per yard to build its first segment while traffic on neglected highways gets worse every year.

When the people speak in November, let’s say no to rail boondoggles and taxpayer rip-offs.

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