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White House “Diaper Agenda” Exposes Liberal Lunacy

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With much fanfare, the White House announced a new “diaper agenda” complete with a speech by the president and a demand for $10 million in taxpayer funds. The new program means to address the newly discovered “diaper divide” in which “nearly 1 in 3 families reportedly struggle to afford diapers for their babies.” Presidential aide Cecilia Munoz lamented the fact “that there is no federal assistance for purchasing diapers, unlike other essentials like food or health insurance.”

This is the height of liberal lunacy. Diapers, bought in bulk, are cheaper than ever and if local governments and private groups want to provide help for hard-pressed families, that’s a beautiful thing. But the fact that the White House wants to get directly involved, demonstrates the depths of liberal lunacy. When Margaret Thatcher railed against the “nanny state” even she couldn’t have anticipated a program in which the president himself wanted to supervise the care and cleaning of babies’ behinds.

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