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Would President Hillary Be Facing Her Own Mueller Probe?

Michael Medved imagines how Hillary Clinton would be closing out her second year as president in an alternate universe where she won the 2016 election. No, her time in office wouldn’t be the dream of harmony and progress that liberals cherish, nor would it be the hell on earth conservatives feared. It would be, rather, a very mixed bag that could help put Trump’s challenges in proper perspective. 

In the president’s year-end news conference, Clinton frankly acknowledged the greatest disappointment of her two years in office: “In my inaugural, I promised to bring the country together,” she said, “but the polarization and tribalism are worse than ever.”

President Hillary Clinton looked back wistfully to her greatest achievement: passage of bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform at the end of 2017. To achieve the sort of compromise that had repeatedly eluded both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Clinton enlisted her friends from the Senate, Lindsey Graham and the late John McCain, while Speaker Paul Ryan played the key role in the House. The bill reduced illegal immigration with enhanced border security and tough new workplace enforcement, but it also offered a plausible path to legal status for undocumented residents who had avoided trouble with the law or dependence on welfare….READ THE FULL COLUMN AT USATODAY.COM

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