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Democrats still trying to pass Biden’s “Build Back Better” tax and spend Bill (Audio)

(SRN NEWS)  President Biden ran into some setbacks in Congress this past week as he attempted to get his “Build Back Better” plan approved & paid for.

Joel Griffith is a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation. He tells the Salem Radio Network that even with support from Democrats, the agenda will be difficult to get approved.

Mr. Griffith says, “By recklessly adding to the deficit, Build Back Better would push America closer to a reckoning with our large and growing national debt.

Griffith also says, “Unless lawmakers and the Federal Reserve learn restraint, they risk putting the nation through a vicious cycle of more debt, higher interest rates, and soaring inflation.”



WASHINGTON (AP) – Two Democrats say party leaders are hoping for House votes as soon as Tuesday on the two pillars of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda. The push marks Democrats’ latest effort to finally move both long-delayed measures through Congress. Top Democrats would like a final House-Senate compromise on Biden’s now $1.75 trillion, 10-year social and environment plan to be written by Sunday. That could clear the way for House passage of that bill and a separate $1 trillion infrastructure measure. It remained unclear whether the ambitious deadlines can be met.


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