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Several injured in Spain’s Marbella as car rams into diners

MADRID (AP) — Police in southern Spain’s city of Marbella say a car rammed into a pedestrian area filled with outdoor cafés and restaurants, and several people have been injured, some of them seriously.

A police spokeswoman told The Associated Press on Monday that officers arrested the car’s driver and are investigating the incident. The spokeswoman was not authorized to be named in media reports.

Online videos from the scene of the crash, one of the main thoroughfares in the coastal resort city, showed ambulances and police officers while waiters cleaned up or assisted people on the ground.

The incident took place in the mid-afternoon as the area was brimming with customers having lunch, said Raúl Morote, whose family owns several restaurants on the popular avenue.

“The car was zigzagging and sweeping away everything,” Morote told AP.

He said he could see about a dozen people being assisted on the spot by emergency crews, many of them with blood covering their legs.


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