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Sweden plans to offer majority COVID booster shots in 2022

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – The majority of Swedes will be offered a booster shot against COVID in 2022, while high risk groups could get a third shot during autumn of this year, the country’s health authority said on Tuesday.

The authority did not give an exact figure for how many people would get a third shot next year, but said that a large part of the population would be offered another jab.

Groups seen as high-risk, such as the elderly or people with underlying health conditions, will continue to be prioritised as booster vaccines are rolled-out, the authority added.

“The assessment is that it is not possible to eradicate the virus and therefore vaccination work should be long-term and focused on reducing serious illness and death,” state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said in a statement.

The authority said it expected Sweden’s entire adult population will have received two shots of the vaccine by autumn, and that there will be a good supply of vaccine over the coming years.

(Reporting by Colm Fulton; Editing by Simon Johnson)


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