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The Media Line: Khan al-Ahmar Compromise Revealed: Resettlement in Negev, Permanent Residency for Evacuation 

Khan al-Ahmar Compromise Revealed: Resettlement in Negev, Permanent Residency for Evacuation 

Compromise may prove an easy out for Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, allowing him to uphold his promise of evacuating the Palestinian Bedouin residents, while avoiding international recrimination  

By Daniel Sonnenfeld/The Media Line 

A conclusion to the contentious issue of the Palestinian Bedouin community Khan al-Ahmar may be close at hand, if Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decides to approve a deal negotiated during the Netanyahu era between the Israeli government and its residents. 

The evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar, which is mostly comprised of temporary structures, is at the heart of an ongoing battle between Israel and the residents, with the Palestinian Authority and international community acting as loud and sometimes influential observers. Located on the outskirts of the large Jewish West Bank community of Ma’ale Adumim and close to the central Highway 1, Khan al-Ahmar was built illegally, without a permit and on public land, and its demolition was therefore approved in 2018 by Israel’s Supreme Court. Approximately 200 Palestinian Bedouins reside in Khan al-Ahmar. Israel has offered the residents different resettlement options over the years, which would take them away from the dangers of the highway and its traffic, but they have so far refused. 

The residents claim to have lived in Khan al-Ahmar for decades, and have lived in the area as nomads since the 1950s, when they were deported from Israel’s Negev region to the West Bank. 

The agreement currently on Bennett’s desk was reportedly negotiated between the residents and former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who promised repeatedly to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar. The residents agreed to the compromise, Israeli media reported on Monday, but the political instability suffered by Israel in the past two years put any progress on hold. 

According to reports on the agreement, the residents will be relocated to a permanent site in Israel’s south and given permanent residency status. In return, they will evacuate Khan al-Ahmar peaceably.


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