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Turkey: UN registers maritime deal reached with Tripoli

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — The United Nations has registered a maritime delineation deal reached between Turkey and Libya’s U.N.-backed government, the Turkish Defense Ministry announced Friday.

Last year, Turkey and the Government of National Accord, or GNA, which is based in Tripoli, reached a memorandum of understanding demarcating their maritime boundaries. The agreement, which would allow them to lay claim to large areas of the Mediterranean Sea and potential energy deposits, was denounced by Greece, Cyprus and other nations.

“The U.N. has registered the maritime jurisdiction deal as agreed between Turkey and Libya,” the ministry announced on its Twitter account. ” Our deep ties with Libya based on over 500 years of history will continue to strengthen.”

Greece and Cyprus have protested the deal, which added tension to an ongoing dispute over oil-and-gas drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey and the GNA also signed a security and military cooperation agreement last year. Turkey earlier this year sent troops, Syrian mercenaries and other military support that helped the GNA repel an assault by the rival, eastern-based Libyan National Army and shifted the tide of the conflict.

“We will continue to provide training and advisory services to the U.N.-recognized, legitimate government of Libya,” the ministry said.


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